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53 Gallon Barrel

The ultimate “must-have” for any discerning whiskey drinker. The 21003 Barrel Club 50-gallon barrel package allows you complete control over of the whiskey making process. Bring in your very own grain to have it distilled. Sit down with our artisan distillers to craft a whiskey mash that is 100 percent YOU. 

This is an amazing choice for businesses looking to recognize their employees, families looking for heirlooms, and for those wanting to make themselves a part Dodge City’s legacy. 

Once you’ve crafted your unique spirit, we’ll transfer your spirit into a 53 gallon charred white oak barrel where it will slowly mellow. 

Come and sample your own unique creation as often as you’d like. Once your whiskey has hit perfection, you and 15 of your friends can join us for a bottling party where we place your custom spirit in custom-labeled bottles. 

After bottling is complete, we’ll take your guests on a personalized tour of Boot Hill Distillery to show everyone a behind-the-scenes look at how your unique whiskey was crafted by end specifically for you. 

We then finish the night out with a full meal in the stunningly gorgeous Boot Hill Tasting Room, as well as handcrafted cocktails courtesy of our in-house mixologist. We can even craft a unique cocktail, specifically associated with your unique whiskey! 

Become a part of the legacy of the city that was born from a barrel and forged in the dust. 

Here’s what you receive:

  • Approximately two hundred and fifty-two (252) 750ml bottles of your own unique whiskey, handcrafted by our artisan distillers
  • The barrel to take home after aging is finished
  • A custom, personalized barrel head
  • A fully-customized bottle label
  • A private tour of the distillery and catered dinner and craft cocktails for 15 of your closest friends and family
  • Your name on a permanent “Family of the Barrel” plaque in the Boot Hill Distillery Tasting Room
  • A replica of your custom barrel head hung on the Boot Hill Distillery bottling room wall.
Distillery Photo