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Whiskey Cola


The perfect night doesn’t exist. Unless maybe you’re on your patio with steaks on the grill and Boot Hill Distillery Whiskey Cola on ice. Or, maybe your perfect night is a campfire after a great day on the trails. Boot Hill Distillery’s canned Whiskey Cola is your perfect companion. 

Our signature Red Eye Whiskey is blended with just the right amount of cola. And since it’s canned, it travels well in a backpack, a cooler in your pickup bed, or your hand while you stoke the campfire. 

Planning adventures doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether it’s a day on the trails or a tailgate with your crew, our Whiskey Cola cocktail requires no work and gives you the taste you crave after a long day. Talk to your local liquor store about where to buy the signature Boot Hill Distillery Whiskey Cola. 

If you can’t find it at your local liquor store, you can always order online and ship it to your doorstep.


20 PROOF, 355ML, 10% AlC/Vol

Distillery Photo