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Small Batch Distilled Spirits
  • What's in a Tasting Room?

    We relaunched the Tasting Room June 1st. Well, we did a “soft” relaunch.  The “FULL” relaunch will come this July. But in the meantime, we’re in transition. And transition can oftentimes be painful. But it can also be incredibly rewarding.

  • The Search for Prickly Ash Bitters

    Prickly Ash Bitters began its life as many patent medicines of the 1800s did - with questionable claims of medicinal benefit, and unquestionable intoxicating effects.

  • 5 Spring Cocktails to Knock Out the Cobwebs

    After a long dark and cold winter, celebrate the Vernal Equinox with these five Spring-themed cocktails courtesy of Boot Hill Distillery.

Distillery Photo