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Wabash Reserve



Wabash Reserve Bottle

Available in Kansas Liquor Stores

Authentic Wildcat Spirit in Every Bottle 

Celebrate another Wildcat victory with Wabash
Reserve Bourbon Whiskey!

Distilled by K-State alumni at Boot Hill Distillery
in Dodge City, Kansas. Wabash Reserve is the first and only
bourbon whiskey for all K-Staters.

This whiskey is made from grain grown on Boot Hill Distillery’s
farm. This agricultural link dates back to 1863
when K-State was founded as the first land-grant university.

Poured over a cube of ice, served neat, or in a favorite cocktail,
Wabash Reserve is the perfect way to celebrate the
Wildcats and the legacy of Kansas State University.

Each bottle purchase helps support K-State and an alumni-owned
Kansas company. Roger (’80), Hayes (’15) and Shelby (’13 & ’15) Kelman.

Nose: Leather, Dried Fruit, Black Tea, Allspice, Fresh
Baled Hay, Tobacco, Sugar Cookie, Brown Sugar

Palate: Roasted Sweet Corn, Orange Peel,
Caramel, Wheat Toast, Rock Candy

Mash Bill: 55% Corn, 35% Wheat and 10% Unmalted
Barley, grown on Boot Hill Distillery’s farm


90 PROOF, 75OML, 45% AlC/Vol

Also Available Wabash Reserve: Anderson Hall Edition


Stadium Artwork

Distillery Photo