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“I’ve heard that vodka is ‘odorless’ - here is another instance where that misconception is blown out of the water. A sturdy domestic vodka with true personality.”

- F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal

All of Boot Hill Distillery’s vodka is 100 percent wheat, grown on the wind-whipped plains of western Kansas by owner, Hayes Kelman, and his dedicated farm hands. Our vodka is pot-distilled before being run through a custom column set-up, giving it a fuller mouthfeel than you expect in vodka.

Exceedingly smooth and sweet with a wholly unique character, our vodka is much like western Kansas – simultaneously wild and civilized.

Nose: Sweet and spicy that gives way to a dense, creamy smell.

Neat: Malty and soft right up front, with a blast of black pepper heat right in the middle. Quickly finishes off clean on the palate. 

On the Rocks: The initial cream flavors deepens, with a soft, malty flavor spreading across the entire palate. Peppery notes dissipate, but linger on the end. 


2020: Gold Medal, "Best of Vodka & Grain Spirits" - The American Craft Spirits Awards (ACSA)

2017: Double Gold - The Fifty Best Domestic Vodkas

2017: Gold - The Washington Cup Spirits Competition

2017: Bronze - American Craft Spirits Festival

Distillery Photo