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21003 Barrel Club

Boot Hill Distillery’s whiskies are patiently mellowed in master-crafted white oak barrels. The obsessive dedication of our distillers combined with the world-class quality of our barrels is what gives each Boot Hill Distillery whiskey its uniquely smooth flavor.

Now it’s your chance to own a piece of the legacy of Boot Hill Distillery and Dodge City - the city that was born from a barrel and forged in the dust

What is the Barrel Club?

The Boot Hill Distillery 21003 Barrel Club is a way for us to help you express your own obsessive love of high quality whiskies and hyper-local spirits. Our 21003 Barrel Club takes its name from Boot Hill Distillery’s official Distilled Spirits Plant (DSP) number – the official designation that means the United States Government recognizes us as professionals in our field. 

By purchasing one of five sizes of our new, charred, white oak barrels, you have unprecedented control over which of our whiskey blends goes into your barrel, how long it ages, the design of a custom barrel head on prominent display in our small-barrel room for all to see, and a custom label on your very own bottle of personalized spirits. 

Visit, sample, and share your whiskey whenever you like. Once your whiskey has reached your ideal age of maturity, we’ll host you and closest friends for a bottling party where you help bottle – and of course drink – your very own Boot Hill Distillery spirits!

Barrel Club Levels
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   5 Gallon Cask  10 Gallon Cask 

  30 Gallon Cask  53 Gallon Cask

Custom Barrel

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