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Whiskey Bundle: Red Eye, White, Bourbon

1. Boot Hill Distillery’s Red Eye Whiskey

A beautiful hand-crafted trail-aged, frontier-style Kansas whiskey. We take a mix of various barrel sizes and ages - a minimum of two months - that have been shifted throughout our barrel storage space. These are then blended to recreate the style of powerful yet balanced whiskey you would have likely tasted in the 1880s when you stopped in Dodge City.

80 PROOF, 75OML, 40% AlC/Vol

2. Boot Hill Distillery’s White Whiskey

Boot Hill Distillery White Whiskey is the brash younger brother of our bourbon. Take our heavy-wheat bourbon mash bill, let it rest one week in charred American White Oak barrels, and then head straight into the bottle. Bold, unapologetic, and uncompromising. You’ll find notes of vanilla, oak, and freshly baked bread in this defiantly young Kansas whiskey.

80 PROOF, 75OML, 40% AlC/Vol

3. Boot Hill Distillery’s Bourbon

Boot Hill Bourbon is pot-distilled in 500 gallon batches. Hot, dry summers, bitter cold winters, and the obstinate Kansas wind all do the rest. What emerged from the barrel after its extended sleep exceeded our expectations with notes of caramel, fruit, and spice. Our Bourbon is proofed to a pleasantly hot 90 (45% ABV) proof for the ideal balance of flavor and heat. Enjoy and enjoy often!

90 PROOF, 75OML, 45% AlC/Vol


Distillery Photo