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30 Gallon Barrel

The next step in whiskey craftsmanship. When you purchase the 21003 Barrel Club 30-gallon barrel you can get hands-on for your own unique whiskey experience. Meet with Boot Hill Distillery’s artisan distillers and they will help you craft a unique mash bill exclusively for you. Want your whiskey a little bit spicier? Maybe a little bit softer and sweet? Your end product is entirely up to you. 

We will then distill your very own spirit and transfer it to your own charred white oak 30-gallon barrel, complete with custom barrel head design. Once your whiskey is resting comfortably, we will put it on prominent display in the Boot Hill Distillery barrel room. 

Come and sample your own unique creation as often as you’d like. Once your whiskey has hit perfection, you and 10 of your friends can join us for a bottling party where we place your custom spirit in custom-labeled bottles. 

Here’s what you receive:

  • Approximately one hundred and fifty (150) 750 ml bottles of whiskey.
  • Full customized bottle labels
  • Custom, personalized barrel head
  • The barrel to take home after bottling
  • Barreling party for you and 10 guests
Distillery Photo