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5 Gallon Barrel

The 5-Gallon Barrel gives you the perfect chance to share your outstanding taste in whiskey with you and all your friends (or perhaps even just yourself). The 21003 Barrel Club 5-Gallon option gives you the opportunity to select a mash from one of our three whiskey recipes, and then age the spirit for as long as you like. 

Choose from Boot Hill Distillery’s very own:

  • 100% Corn Whiskey
  • 51% Corn/49% Wheat Bourbon Mash
  • 100% Wheat Whiskey

Your barrel will be placed on prominent display in our official barrel room, with your custom-designed barrel head proudly on display. 

Come and sample your spirit as often as you like. When your whiskey has finally reached peak maturity, celebrate with five of your friends at a bottling party at the distillery. 

Bottle your spirits in personalized bottles and take home to enjoy. 

Here’s what you receive:

  • Approximately twenty-five (25) 750 ml bottles of aged spirit
  • Personalized bottle labels
  • Personalized barrel head
  • The barrel to take home after bottling
Distillery Photo