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Experimental Collection 001: Bourbon

Experiment 001: Bourbon was a 116-bottle run of our 51% yellow dent corn/49% hard red winter wheat Bourbon mash. This was then placed in a virgin 10-gallon American white oak cask just one week after our grand opening in July, 2016.

After aging for 464 days in the hottest section of our Small Barrel Room, we harvested the bourbon and proofed it down to a pleasantly spicy 50.16% ABV.

Nose: Green apple, cinnamon, raisin, wheat, oak and black pepper.

Neat: Powerful cinnamon and clove on the forefront. Burnt sugar and orange peel mid palate. Heavy tannins. Linger finish of heavy oak and dark chocolate.

Recommendation: We recommend enjoying this bourbon neat in a Glencairn tasting glass for full impact and nuance of flavor.


Distillery Photo