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Experimental Collection 002: Wheat Whiskey

EXPERIMENT 002: WHEAT WHISKEY There are few things more Kansan than hard red winter wheat. And there are few things more Dodge City than whiskey. As such, we wanted to see what would happen if we took a 100% hard red winter wheat mash, distilled it to 160 proof and aged it in our charred American White Oak barrels. The final product is one of the most delicate yet bold whiskies we’ve produced to date.

NOSE: Bright citrus and fig. Honey and vanilla with oak on the back.

NEAT: Cereal up front followed by caramel and cherry. A huge hit of wheat, followed by a long floral finish.

RECOMMENDATION: We recommend enjoying this wheat whiskey in a rocks glass with one large chunk of ice to release the oils and deepen the floral notes.

Distillery Photo