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Experimental Collection 003: Barreled Gin

EXPERIMENT 003: BARRELED GIN We placed our award-winning New Western Dry Gun into four used Red Eye Whiskey barrels, let it sit for seven months and immediately bottled the resulting spirit. The Red Eye wood tones down the intensity of the juniper, and adds notes of vanilla, caramel and baking spices. We hope you enjoy this modern take on a classic gin style.

NOSE: Heavy notes of vanilla, candied orange peel, floral overtones with light oak.

NEAT: Massive waves of vanilla and bitter orange come across the mid palate with the juniper hanging out on the back, riding light tannins and wood notes.

RECOMMENDATION: We recommend enjoying this barreled gin as you would your favorite whiskey - in a glass neat, with a chunk of ice or substituted in your favorite cocktails.

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Distillery Photo