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  • Getting Started With To-Go Cocktails

    by Lee Griffith, Director of Sales


    Kansas, the birthplace of prohibition, is the last state you’d think of for progressive alcohol legislation. However, in just one day, nearly 100 years of restrictive alcohol laws were lifted by our Governor, if only temporarily, to allow the sale of ready-made cocktails in a to-go container. For the first time, well… ever, a customer of legal drinking age could order and pick up a cocktail from our distillery for them to consume at home.  This was huge.  I want to share what we did to help our business through to-go cocktails. 

  • Did It Hurt? When You Fell From Kentucky?

    Pour a couple fingers of whiskey and try this on for size. What’s the most treacherous topic to tread the web?


    Hint: it’s not that black and blue dress (nor is it the white and gold one, if that even exists). Sure, the tried-and-true taboos of politics and religion are as good as ever for evoking rage on social media, but if you really want to get the ol’ forehead veins popping, say something — anything at all — about bourbon.

  • Aging Whiskey 101

    by Lee Griffith, Director of Sales
    I have been in the business of making and selling whiskey for a short amount of time.  But through giving tours and talking with countless folks over samples of our spirits, one element soon became clear and an opportunity unique to us suddenly presented itself. 


    “Where does the color come from?” someone would ask and I would almost skip a beat, blink, and stare for what seemed like an uncomfortable amount of time while I processed this. They didn’t know?  
Distillery Photo