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  • Gin: Maligned or Misunderstood?

    by Lee Griffith, Director of Sales


    One thing I’ve learned about Kansas and Kansas drinkers is that we don’t like gin.  There is very little middle ground here, no gray areas. Opinions are strong and there's an overriding consensus: gin stinks. 


    Now, this is not an opinion I share. I happen to enjoy gin.  I had crappy gin at one time and it didn’t totally put me off.  Like any spirit, it can be seasonal, but its versatility can’t be ignored and the possibilities within the category itself are limitless.  

  • Opinion: Short Aged Whiskies Are Just as Good as Older Whiskies

    by Lee Griffith, Director of Sales


    It takes a lot to get my dander up, but recently an article came across my desk that seemingly took a direct shot at who we are as Boot Hill Distillery and what we do. 

    I will say at the outset, the article title clearly states it is an opinion piece.  This writing clearly states so as well.  These are just my feelings, as we all know tastes are subjective and everyone’s are different. 

    Opinion: 'Rapid-Aged Whiskey' Is A Hard 'No' For Me written by Steve Coomes for the Whiskey Wash, read to me as a shot across the bow for all emerging craft distilleries.  The title says it all, but delving further, Mr. Coomes opines that the price that craft distilleries charge is not commensurate to the “juice” in the bottle. 

  • Getting Started With To-Go Cocktails

    by Lee Griffith, Director of Sales


    Kansas, the birthplace of prohibition, is the last state you’d think of for progressive alcohol legislation. However, in just one day, nearly 100 years of restrictive alcohol laws were lifted by our Governor, if only temporarily, to allow the sale of ready-made cocktails in a to-go container. For the first time, well… ever, a customer of legal drinking age could order and pick up a cocktail from our distillery for them to consume at home.  This was huge.  I want to share what we did to help our business through to-go cocktails. 

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