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5 Tips to Make Hosting the Best New Year’s Party a Breeze

We all want to be the hostess with the mostess, but we also don’t want to be a Crazy Carol when it comes to party prep. We have five tips that will help your party be a success and allow you to party like it’s 1999! 

  1. Make a Plan: Tools like Pinterest make it easy to dream big and try to execute everything you see. We’ve all been there, but to make your party a success, you want to make a feasible plan. We suggest a mix of sweet and savory dishes, and make sure some of them can be made ahead of time to make party day less stressful! 
  2. Create a Playlist: The best parties need great music! If your party has a theme, make sure your playlist enhances that theme (club bangers, throwbacks, roaring ‘20s, just to name a few!). Streaming services such as Pandora are great, but if you or a friend has a login to Spotify or Apple Music without commercials, it keeps the party mood going.  
  3. Elevate Your Cocktails Without the Work: Boot Hill Distillery canned cocktails take your party up a notch, and you don’t have to break out the bar cart! All you need is to put the cocktails on ice and you are good to go! Pick up a four-pack of our Rosemary Mule, Vodka Basil Lemonade or Whiskey Cola.
  4. Make Fancy Ice Cubes: If you want to create Pinterest-worthy cocktails semi-homemade style, pick up a silicone ice cube tray that allows you to make square cubes. You can add a complementary flavor to your canned cocktails, such as pomegranate to Rosemary Mules, or add cranberries to your ice cubes to complement the Vodka Basil Lemonade.
  5. Use a Color Theme for Your Tableware: Steer clear of plates and napkins with the actual holiday or theme and stick with colors to use leftovers in the future. Safe bets for New Year’s Eve are black, silver and gold. 


If you enjoy our Boot Hill Distillery canned cocktails this New Year's Eve, share your cocktail photos and tag us so we can send some love your way!

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