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A Helping Hand: Cleanser for the Community

Wow! What a week it has been.

When we first kicked around the idea of producing a hand cleanser to give away to the community last Wednesday, we had no idea we would go from concept to product in just four days. We announced our intentions on Facebook and the community response was overwhelming, reaching almost 54,000 people. Direct messages came flooding in, and it was quickly apparent how dire the need for a cleanser really was among the good folks of Dodge City, Kansas, and beyond.


Bottles of WHO-Recommended Handrub Formula 1

Having initially invested in 2,500 4 oz. bottles of product, we began to worry if perhaps we had bit more than we were prepared to chew. Then, tens of thousands of dollars in community support arrived overnight!! 

That settled it. Day and night, every day for the last week, our small team got to work with laser focus on producing as much WHO-Recommended Handrub Formula 1 as physically possible. 

Fast forward to today. On the heels of two successful drive-up events on Sunday, we've produced several thousand more bottles ready for distribution. As we focus all available resources on meeting this need, we anticipate producing more than 30,000 bottles of hand cleanser. 

We are continually humbled and grateful for the outpouring of community support and the generous donations of our partners: The Victory Electric Cooperative Assn., Inc, Kansas Corn, Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation, Conestoga Energy Partners, Western Plains Medical Complex, Conant Construction LLC, Centera Bank, Nu Life Market LLC, Blackjacks Liquor, Hilker Trucking, and others. 

We'd also like to specifically thank the Dodge City Sheriff's Department and Kansas chapter Law Dogs for keeping everything running smoothly at the distribution centers on Sunday, at the drop of a hat! 


The Dodge City Sheriff's Department helps direct trafficThe Kansas chapter Law Dogs motorcycle club came to help distribute hand cleanser!


Finally, our deepest gratitude goes out to our recipients; you conducted yourselves with the highest degree of class, patience, and goodwill toward your neighbors on Sunday. We have no reason to doubt this trend will continue as we all look for ways to take care of one another during these uncertain times. To you, we raise a glass of the finest spirits we have to offer.




Note: If you would like to help, we are accepting donations on our GoFundMe page here!


Hayes, Owner of Boot Hill Distillery, passes out hand cleanser in front of the distillery

Distillery Photo