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Boot Hill Distillery Launches Vodka

Boot Hill Vodka

DODGE CITY, Kansas - Boot Hill Distillery is honored to launch Kansas' first-ever soil-to-sip vodka on Friday, November 4. 

Boot Hill Distillery Vodka is crafted using 100 percent hard red winter wheat grown by the distillery owners themselves. 

“We call our spirits ‘soil-to-sip’ because we grow every single piece of grain that is used in each of our spirits,” said Owner/CEO Hayes J. Kelman. “That means that from the moment the seed goes into the soil to the moment you pour out your very first sip, we have had 100 percent control over that product.”

Boot Hill Vodka is the first spirit to be produced and sold by the distillery, based in Dodge City. 

“This is the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication,” Kelman said. “We’re honored that we get to share this amazing spirit with everyone.”

The wheat vodka has a soft, bright flavor with hints of cream and black pepper. 

“Wheat is actually one of the softest grains that you can distill with,” said Mark A. Vierthaler, Director of Marketing/Distiller. “We decided to go with 100 percent wheat for our vodka because it produces a very light, but still flavorful vodka.”

Tasting Notes

Nose: Sweet and spicy that gives way to a dense, creamy smell.

Neat: Malty and soft right up front, with a blast of black pepper heat right in the middle. Quickly finishes off clean on the palate. 

On the Rocks: The initial cream flavors deepens, with a soft, malty flavor spreading across the entire palate. Peppery notes dissipate, but linger on the end. 

Boot Hill Vodka at a Glance

100% Hard Red Winter Wheat

80 Proof (40% ABV)

$32 Retail

Only available in the Boot Hill Distillery Tasting Room, 501 W. Spruce Dodge City, KS  67801

For more information, bottle images, and to request a bottle of Boot Hill Vodka for review, contact Mark A. Vierthaler at 620-390-9535 or

Distillery Photo