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Elotes Street Corn

Elotes Street Corn Dip

4 c roasted corn

2 large Anaheim peppers roasted

2 c chopped tomatoes

2 c chopped sweet peppers

3/4c Crema 

3/4c greek yogurt

1c chopped Green onions

1T garlic powder

1T smoked paprika 

2T Tajin

2 limes juiced

½ c crumbled Cojita cheese

2T chopped cilantro

Pair with Boot Hill Distillery Vodka Basil Lemonade 


Combine all ingredients and mix well. Even better if you can let the ingredients marinade in the fridge before you serve at your next party or tailgate! Serve with corn chip scoops, so they hold up to this hearty dip. Since you put so much work into your dip, make the drink choice easy with a Boot Hill Distillery Vodka Basil Lemonade. It has all the flavor with none of the work and is ready to go wherever your trail leads!

Distillery Photo