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Hand Sanitizer Information & Guide

Boot Hill Distillery is Making Hand Sanitizer.

As we embrace the changing times we have shifted our production and staff time to producing hand cleanser, provided as 3 oz bottles and 2.5 gallon jugs. Below is information to help answer questions, submit donation requests, purchase product directly, take bulk requests, and allow you to donate to the cause. We are working to focus as much of the interaction online as possible for management of the process to free our staff’s time to make the sanitizer. 

Please familiarize yourself with all of the following information before contacting us.
This allows us to work as efficiently as possible.


Hand Cleanser Label


What are we making?

  • We are following the FDA formula for Hand Sanitizer Non-Sterile Solution which uses 80% Ethanol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Glycerin, and purified water.
  • We are bottling in 3 oz individual bottles, 2.5 gallon jugs and 264 gallon totes.


How can you get it?

Individuals: Follow Boot Hill Distillery's Facebook Page, where any new community distribution events will be announced.

- Click Here to Purchase Direct
- Click Here For Bulk Orders
- Click Here For Community Partnership Request
- Click Here For Our Donation Request Form



Please see FAQ's below for more details.


Where can I donate to help?

We continue to source outside funding for our free distributions and donations to those organizations without budgets for hand sanitizer. Donations do not guarantee a set number of cleansers, but help provide for the greater good.

If you or your organization would like to help us get this product to as many people as possible, there are several channels for doing so:

1. Give directly to Boot Hill Distillery by contacting us.
Best for corporate donations

2. Give online by visiting our GoFundMe
Individuals, Organizations

3. A charitable contribution can also be made through the Rural Education Workforce Alliance. For more information on this please contact Joann Knight at or Kyla Keller at or by phone at 620- 227-9501.

4/11/2020 - We have donated over 60,000 bottles and 500 bulk gallons to organizations in need. We will continue to donate to those in need and will help support the cause with our improved plan. 


Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you making hand sanitizer?

Yes. We are making FDA and WHO-recommended recipe hand sanitizer containing no less than 80% ethanol. Guidelines for the recipe can be found here:

Can I buy it?

Yes. We have multiple options for entities to purchase the product which allow us to continue production and distribution to those in need. All orders and requests are to be picked up at Boot Hill Distillery. 

- Click Here to Purchase Direct
- Click Here For Bulk Orders
- Click Here For Community Partnership Request
- Click Here For Our Donation Request Form


Can you ship it to me?

We are selling all items FOB Dodge City Kansas 67801. We are happy to load for you at our facility. 



This would not have been possible without the financial support from the Victory Electric Cooperative, Kansas Corn, Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation, Conestoga Energy Partners, Western Plains Medical Complex, Conant Construction LLC, Centera Bank, Nu Life Market LLC, EGE Products, Bondurant Grain, Pioneer Electric, Southern Pioneer Electric, Sterling Seeds, Standard Beverage, Jordan Hefner Ag Inc. Michael Goodman Insurance, American Ag Credit and many others. Many individuals and businesses have also supported with direct donations through the GoFundMe page.

We especially want to thank the Ford County Sheriff’s Department and Kansas Chapter Law Dogs for keeping everything running smoothly at the distribution centers in Dodge City.


Hayes Passing out Sanitizer


Update, 4/3/20

The need for the cleanser continues and requests keep coming in from near and far. This week we have spent most of our efforts in filling large requests for first responders, hospitals, nursing homes, home care, and any other medical requests. We have begun production of bulk jugs in addition to our 3oz bottles. To date we have filled 30,000 4oz bottles and 250 gallon jugs. We currently have enough capacity to bottle a total of more than 40,000 4oz bottles and 500 gallons of bulk jugs. We will continue to increase our production based on need.

Any questions can be directed to


Cheers, and stay safe out there!

-Hayes Kelman, CEO/Distiller

Distillery Photo