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Reopening Information

This Wednesday, June 17th, we are RE-OPENING the Boot Hill Distillery Tasting Room!!

We are so excited to welcome you back for a night out. Before "the more, the merrier" becomes an option, however, we have some formalities to sort out.

House Rules:
At this time, we cannot offer tours.
We can only accept groups as large as 6 indoors and up to 8 outdoors.
Please, stay at your assigned seating area (pending bathroom breaks).
In compliance with social distancing, do not rearrange furniture.
No smoking outside (or inside) as there are large quantities of high proof ethanol sitting out there.
Please do not touch any merchandise (apparel, etc.) unless you are willing to purchase that item.
For the safety of our guests and our staff, if you or anyone you live with are feeling unwell and/or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home.

Protection / Our End of the Bargain:
Hand sanitizer will be provided at each table around the distillery.
Employees will wear masks at all times.
Employees are required to wear gloves when bussing, cleaning, and interacting with customers.
Bathroom door handles, light switches, tables, bar, chairs, iPads, windowsills, register, bottles, bar utensils, banisters, commonly touched areas will be meticulously sanitized at intervals set by a timer.
Seating areas will be sanitized anytime a party leaves.
Hands will be sanitized/washed after any customer interaction.
Hands will be washed/sanitized after touching anything; your health is not our risk to take.
Any employees experiencing symptoms overlapping with those of COVID-19 must first be symptom-free for the duration recommended by the WHO & CDC.

Tasting Room Hours:
3-10pm, Wednesday-Saturday

*Bottles and Merch also available by appointment
8am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Distillery Photo