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5 Tips to Make the Your BIG GAME Party a Memorable One

Everyone has attended a Super Bowl party that wasn’t as fun as expected, and we don’t want you to get a reputation that your Super Bowl party is lame. So we are giving you five ways to make sure you have the best Super Bowl party around.

  1. Cable/streaming subscription: This may seem like a no-brainer, but you can’t have a Super Bowl party without the Super Bowl. 
  2. Seating: No one wants to sit for three hours on a folding chair. Don’t have enough couch space? Big cushions, camping chairs and ottomans are all better options. 
  3. Snacks: We think this one is obvious, and you’re probably already planning your snacks, so we wanted to encourage you to put our football charcuterie on your menu.
  4. Halftime dance party: Opinions about the halftime performer can be strong and varied, but everyone loves a dance party to get the blood pumping before the second half. 
  5. Boot Hill Distillery canned cocktails: The easiest way to serve delicious drinks without slaving away on them. We have a canned beverage to suit everyone’s needs - check them out here.

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