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We Voted Yes! What comes next?

Boot Hill Distillery Cocktail

One big question in Ford County Kansas was answered this election night – the antiquated 30 percent food requirement on liquor-by-the-drink no longer has a place here on the wind-swept plains.

Ford County voters came out in force on Tuesday, braving chilled winds and long lines to let their voices be heard.

And so their voices were heard with a resounding “Yes!”

The final tally – 4,977 yes. 2,383 no.


What comes next?

Now that the resolution has passed, we wait while the Ford County Clerk’s office finishes canvassing votes.

Once 30 days have passed, Ford County Government will file the paperwork with the State of Kansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Division to remove the 30 percent food requirement.

Once Kansas receives the paperwork they begin the process of changing the law on Ford County’s books. Once that law change is processed on the state level, Ford County officially becomes a wet county.

So… What Does That Mean for BHD's Timeline?

That essentially means that the removal of the 30 percent food requirement could go into effect in as soon as one month!

As for the timeline here at Boot Hill Distillery, before we can take that massive step, we want to be sure we’re ready.

Our number one priority right now is perfecting our spirits and getting them out on our shelves. Once we feel confident in our bottled product we’ll start the long – and deliberate – process of pivoting the tasting room to a craft cocktail bar.

Will it happen quickly? Probably not. Will it happen RIGHT? Most definitely. And we can’t wait for your continued support.

For updates on the opening of the BHD tasting room craft cocktail bar, be sure to keep your eyes on!

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