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What the Hell Does Soil to Sip Even Mean?

What the Hell Does Soil to Sip Even Mean?

When you come through on a tour of Boot Hill Distillery’s location (and if you haven’t, you really should), a phrase you’ll hear us repeat time and time again is that we are the Midwest’s only “soil-to-sip” distillery.

But what exactly does “soil-to-sip” even mean? It’s the kind of phrase that tends to stop a person. You’ll see their brow furrow, their lips purse, and the question form on their lips – “What does that even mean?”

The Only Soil-to-Sip Distillery

What “soil-to-sip” means is that Boot Hill Distillery has absolute control over our product. Because we grow 100 percent of the grain we use in all of our spirits, from the moment the seed goes into the ground to the moment you pour your Boot Hill Distillery spirits into your glass, our spirits have never left our control.

That means that every single bottle of our vodka, gin and whiskey is milled, mashed, fermented, distilled and bottled on-site at Boot Hill Distillery.

Why Soil-to-Sip Matters

In this day and age when “handcrafted” and “micro” have come to mean anything but, it’s important that there are still companies out there that are dedicated to transparency and quality in their product.

Because our three owners are longtime western Kansas farmers, you can trust that every single piece of grain in Boot Hill Distillery products came from our owners Roger and Hayes Kelman and Chris Holovach.

Each employee of Boot Hill Distillery also plays a role in the planting, care, and harvest of the grain. Once harvested, the grain is delivered to the distillery where we mill, mash, ferment, distill, and bottle, all within the old Dodge City Fire Department fire house within our restored historical building.  

Now to Sip

We’re proud to be able to give our customers a product that is delightfully unpretentious while still obsessively crafted and dedicated to transparency.

To learn more about the family behind the booze, visit our “Our Family” page.




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