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  • Basil Gimlet

    Though the history of the classic cocktail, the Gimlet, isn't so appealing, there's good reason we still enjoy it today.

  • Between the Sheets

    Searching for something sweet for your someone special?

  • Gin: Maligned or Misunderstood?

    by Lee Griffith, Director of Sales


    One thing I’ve learned about Kansas and Kansas drinkers is that we don’t like gin.  There is very little middle ground here, no gray areas. Opinions are strong and there's an overriding consensus: gin stinks. 


    Now, this is not an opinion I share. I happen to enjoy gin.  I had crappy gin at one time and it didn’t totally put me off.  Like any spirit, it can be seasonal, but its versatility can’t be ignored and the possibilities within the category itself are limitless.  

Distillery Photo