Small Batch Distilled Spirits
  • Wine and Craft Beverage News: What can we make better

    The Boot Hill tasting room is an integral part of the marketing effort, with the design reminiscent of an early Dodge City bar. The centerpiece is a Brunswick bar, built in 1902, which came from a bar in Dodge City.

  • What's in a Tasting Room?

    We relaunched the Tasting Room June 1st. Well, we did a “soft” relaunch.  The “FULL” relaunch will come this July. But in the meantime, we’re in transition. And transition can oftentimes be painful. But it can also be incredibly rewarding.

  • The Morgenthaler Amaretto Sour

    The Amaretto Sour has a history of being cloying and unbalanced. That is until Jeffrey Morgenthaler got his hands on it. We take Morgenthaler's recipe put our own BHD twist on the classic.

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